Aircraft landing gear wheel arrangement test

Can you guess aircraft models help with its landing gear wheel arrangements? Test your aircraft technical knowledge!

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Jet engine components test

We colorised 9 components of jet engines and asking their names. If you are an aircraft maintenance engineer or pilot, this is a very easy test. For others, quite difficult to answer correctly! Good luck!

Do you know 10 main differences between Airbus 320 and Boeing 737?

There are many differences between Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircraft components. We chose and ask only 10 main components which are tail, wing, engine, cockpit window, door, landing gears and radom. Test your self!

Do you know main landing gear components?

We colorised 10 components of aircraft main landing gear and asking their names. If you are an aircraft maintenance engineer, this is a very easy test. For others, quite difficult to answer correctly! Good luck!

What do the colored arcs mean on airspeed indicator?

There are green, white and yellow arcs on some of airspeed indicators also with red line. They mean that some speed limitations and specific restrictions are applied in mentioned ranges. If you have an idea about them, just test yourself!

Do you know aviation movies?

There are hundreds of aviation movies produced as we searched from the history. So for example first aviation related movie was met with spectators before about 100 years from now. We choose 10 movies from aviation history, most of them are not so historic. You will watch a part of their trailers and then guess their names!

Position lights test

Position lights, in other words Navigation lights, positioned on planes, which helps pilots to tell an aircraft's position to other pilot's view. Here are 4 questions with 4 different maneuvering aircrafts from your view.

IATA Delay Codes Test

Each delayed commercial flight has an IATA delay code, which is internationally common and known in aviation sector. These coded numbers are from 0 to 99 and each of them means a different cause of delay. Here we have 10 questions about with IATA delay codes.

Aeronautical chart symbol test

Aeronautical charts provide navigational information to the pilot. There are some specific symbols on it, which symbols are common according to ICAO regulations. Especially; pilots, controllers and flight dispatchers are familiar these charts. Here we have 10 questions about aeronautical chart symbols.

Right-of-way Rules Test

If two aircrafts are approaching head-on or approximately so and there is danger of collision, there are strict rules about which aircraft has the right of way. Compare plane, balloon, glider, zeppelin, air ship. Here are 10 questions about right of way between aircrafts.

Altimeter Setting Test

Setting different pressure values to altimeter is regulated and necessary because of safety. Flight crew should know that which pressure will be set on different phases of the flight and when it needs to be changed. Also, according to altimeter setting, flight level or altitude will be read on indicator. Here are 3 questions about altimeter setting before departure, on en-route and descending phases.

What is Altiport?

It seems like something as "airport". We suppose that most of the people don't know what altiport is even from aviation sector. If you have any idea, just share your answer with us.

Guess dangerous airports from their photos

There are some famous airports, which are known as dangerous. Short runways, high obstacles, worse meteorological conditions etc... We can find many more factors that means difficult landing/take off for pilot. We choose 10 dangerous airport photos. Can you guess, what this airports' name are?

What type of pilot are you?

Do you love flying or is it just a job for you? Are you crazy about travelling or are you ok at your home? There are many questions can be asked about your personal prefers. Here we prepared 10 questions, which will show us at the end that for which job you are suitable for becoming airline, fighter, private jet pilot or general aviation pilot?

Can you know aircraft models help with cockpit views?

Some people are crazy. They can guess aircraft just help with a basic cockpit photo. Are you one of this crazy aviator? Here we ask 10 different aircrafts which you will have just their photos.

Do you know forecast weather abbreviations ?

There are lots of abbreviations used in all departments of aviation. A part of aircraft, a procedure, a operational proccess, a technical maintenance etc. and all they are common in all aviation world. Here we ask 10 meteorological forecast abbreviations.

Do you know aircraft components ?

Aircrafts are manufactured with millions of parts. It is not possible to know all these parts one by one. Also, asking all these parts can be a very long time quiz which is boring, but there are some main components of aircraft. Here we ask this main components of aircrafts.

Check if you are good at fighter jet models

Most of fighter jets seem similar, but if you look carefully, there are lots of differences between of them. Some of them are well-known and used most of air forces. What about others? Here we have 10 fighter jet photos, well-knowns and other types. Test yourself!

Can you calculate aircraft weights ?

Calculation is in every phase of flight. Allowable payload, passenger, cargo is calculated. Required fuel is exactly calculated too. There are lots of examples, which we can find. Aircraft weights and limitations are also calculated before each flight and there are main rules in this calculation. Here we have an aircraft weights calculation example test.

Do you know ICAO codes of the busiest airports for 2016?

People are generally know IATA codes of airports which you can see on your flight tickets, timetables at airports or in most of other area. Also, all airports have ICAO codes which are used for flight planning purposes. Here we ask ICAO codes of busiest 10 airports for 2016.

Are you good at Instrument Flight Rules?

It is time for Instrument Rating! So what is IFR? We can say that nowadays, most of commercical flights are operated in instrument flight rules (IFR) conditions. There are basic elements of IFR flights. We prepared 10 questions about these elements. If you are familiar with IFR, then you can answer easily.

Are you good at Visual Flight Rules?

All pilots know visual flight rules very well, even they generally fly IFR. Because it is one of main course, before they start IFR. Flying in visual meteorological conditions mean, pilot has more control and need to be more aware about keeping aircraft away from clouds. As IFR, there are main rules about Visual Flight Rules. Here we have 10 questions about VFR for you!

What does Stolport mean?

Stolport? Is it related with "stall"? Maybe it is about airports or heliports? We suppose that it could be known by just pilots. Here is your turn, maybe you can guess from possible answers.

Are you good at Civil Aviation Conventions?

There are many conventions in aviation history, which brought us that we have similar regulations and safe flight operations in all around the world. Here are 10 questions about well-know aviation conventions. Test yourself that if you know, how regulations are found.

Are you good at Aviation Abbreviations?

Another difficult test about aviation abbreviations. If you do not trust your knowledge, we recommend you to study ICAO Doc 8400 before you start. 10 aviation abbreviation questions for aviators!

Do you know IATA Airport codes of Capital cities? (difficult level)

We choose 10 capital city airports and are asking their IATA codes. This test is difficult version, so we tried to ask airports which are not so familiar. But if you are travelling a lot or if you are a pilot, this is an easy test for you!

Do you know IATA Airport codes of Capital cities? (easy level)

We choose 10 well-known capital city airports and are asking their IATA codes. This test is easy version, so it should not be difficult to know for you.

Pilot Certification Guide and Flight School Directory |

beingpilot is a is an aviation website, where is all required information about flight training and pilot certification. Further more, there is a worldwide flight scool directory, where you can search for the closest flight schools close your location.(This is an advertisement)

Do you know freedoms of the air well?

What is Freedoms of the air? Are you familiar with Chicago Convention? After this convention, countries make bilateral agreements and give some aviation rights to each other. It is called as also aviation rights. Test yourself, if you know 9 aviation rights!

How many miles averagely do a pilot fly in a year?

It is a fact that the most travelling people are pilots. We averagely calculated that how many miles a pilot flies in a year. There is an unbelieveable answer. As a clue, they fly about 18 times around the world in a year.

What is ornithopter?

Something like helicopter? Or is it just an UAV? Are these airplanes flying nowadays? If you know aircraft categories in deep well, you will see there is ornithopter too. Let's see, if you know or not.

Check if you know aircraft models well!

We choose 10 different commercial aircraft photos and asking their models. Are you interested in aircrafts? As some of them are so easy, some others are enough difficult to know. If all answers are correct, then you are a really aircraft fan!

Do you know ICAO annexes very well?

We can say that ICAO Annexes are main references of many regulations in aviation. All aviators need to know, what these annexes are. Maybe, it is not possible to know their contents in detail, but we are only asking 10 questions about which annex is about what?

Who is the world’s first flight attendant?

It starts with zeppelin flights which means quite earlier than 1920s. It is difficult to know this gentleman's name but if you wonder, try your chance and answer our question.

Which one is the highest civil airport in the world?

There are lots of high elevated airports around the world. Here we ask the highest one. We suppose that the most of the pilots did not have chance to fly this airport. Maybe if you watch aircraft landing videos from social media, then you can answer this question correctly.

Are you healthy enough to become a pilot?

It is difficult to say that you are healthy or not enough to become a pilot. We prepared this test for just underlining main medical fitness requirements. Real result can be only proved by medical assessment done by Aviation Medical Examiners.

Who is the world's first female combat pilot?

Another difficult question from aviation history. But after answering this question, you will learn who is the first female combat pilot. If you already know, we congratulate you from now!

Which aircraft do you know the most?

12 Different aircraft models from Airbus and Boeing. Which model do you know most? Maybe you can answer all tests correctly in this part correctly. Test yourself and learn that which ones you are familiar.

Which aircraft is the World's Fastest Civil Aircraft?

We are sure that you heard about this aircraft. Do not forget! The fastest Civil aircraft is asked. Let's see, if you remember or not?

Which is first scheduled airline?

Answer is quite historical. Even it is not an airline, which operates its flights with today's heavier-than-air aircrafts. Try and learn, what the answer is.

Which is the highest current world absolute general aviation altitude record?

Most of airline companies fly between FL300 - FL400 because of their aircraft's performance limitations. This is not such an airline flight. Here we ask a world record, which highest flight level set by Alexandr Fedotov on 1977.

The world's first succesful airplane?

Very famous and known question about aviation history. If you are interested in about aviation, surely heard about first successful airplane. Just go ahead and easily answer!

What about cockpit? Cockpit indicators test!

Pilots an maintenance engineers! This test is for you. It should be simple to answer these questions for you! But for the others, who have not been in a cockpit before, guessing cockpit indicators would be quite hard.

Visual attention video test

A short video, which is about an approach and landing phase of flight. You can watch it, before you start the test again and again and then we will ask you 8 questions. Be careful and take notes or if you trust your memory, just go ahead.

Airmen's basic performance test!

Basic performance test is about runway characteristics, aviation performance standards, fuel planning, aircraft speeds and temperature effects to performance. If you have a basic knowledge about performance, quite open-and-shut!

Aviation meteorology test!

One of the most important topic is meteorology. A good aviator knows cloud types, fronts, decoding forecasts and weather reports, weather charts, other special reports about aviation meteorology. Here we ask 10 questions about them! It is time to test yourself!

Theory of Flight test!

Basic facts about flight theory. Pilots, maintenance engineers and flight dispatchers can answers all of them quite simple! Otherwise, another difficult test for all others!

Basic navigation aids test!

You can guess from now that which navigation aids could be asked and they are always used in flight for many years. If you can not successfully finish this test, be careful that you can lose your way in flight!

Airport signs and markings test!

This time, we have a test that has picture answers. We ask you airport signs and markings and requesting than you to choose correct answer from the pictures. Informative and funny test about ICAO Annex 14.

Airport and Runway lightning test!

Airport and runway lightning is mostly common in all airports. Because there are standards according to ICAO Annex 14 in detail. Which colours should be used and how this lights should be positioned around the runway or other areas in the airport. Here are 10 simple questions!

The first pilot flied solo around the world?

Another question is about the firsts of the aviation. Even you don't have any idea about this question. Just try and learn, who first flied solo around the world!

The world’s longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight?

It is operated with an Airbus 380 aircraft. Maybe you possibly heard about it on TV or social media which is not a long time ago.

Who was forced to make an emergency water landing in the Hudson River?

A famous emergency water landing. There is already a movie about it. Just go ahead and make sure that you know the answer correctly.

What is the maximum speed for the fastest manually controlled flight in atmosphere?

Fastest flight in the atmosphere with the manual control. This is not a simple aircraft and flight. It could be a special mission only just close to space!

Which airport has the worlds tallest free-standing control tower?

There are a lot of tall towers around the world. We ask the tallest one! Let's take your comments!

When is the greatest number of passengers ever carried by a commercial airliner?

An interesting question, which have an unexpected answer. You will be also surprised, when you learn!

Which aircraft holds world record as fastest aircraft ever?

Fast and furious! Fastest aircraft ever! Let's take the answers captain!

Which one is the fastest unmanned aerial vehicle with 21,245 km/h speed?

UAVs are used in many sectors nowadays and rapidly increasing their usage areas. We do not ask a basic one, here it is a very special and fastest one was asked! Check it!

Do you know the fastest landing speed record?

Who wants a fast landing! A smooth and safe landings are always fine in limits. This is not a planned landing, which we are asking, but it is also safe with no harmed passengers on board.

Color Test! Find the different one in 10 questions

10 questions with color pallets. In all questions, you need to find different color from the answers. Most of them are so close color tone. If you trust your eyes, let's start!

Aviation Puzzle Game

Puzzles from airplane and airport pictures. You do not have time limitation or any other restriction. Enjoy them to relax and just having fun!

Aircraft components test with the hints!

You will have 3 clues and this time we do not have choosing. You need to write answer correctly yourself . It is not an easy case. Good luck!

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